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Burden Of The Fool - CD

Beautifully designed CD Folder with Lyrics; includes Signed Photograph Card & Sticker.
*Available for immediate delivery before Album Release Date on 19th June 2020 $25.00

Burden Of The Fool - CD & Vinyl Pack

Order Burden Of The Fool – CD & Limited Edition Vinyl.

Beautifully designed Vinyl Cover & CD Folder with Sleeve & Lyrics;
Includes CD, Limited Edition Vinyl, Album Download Card, Signed Photograph Card & Sticker.
*CD available for immediate delivery with Vinyl to be delivered after Album Release on 19th June 2020 – $60.00

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Burden Of The Fool - All Digital Platforms

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Burden Of The Fool - Limited Edition Vinyl

Order Burden Of The Fool – Limited Edition Vinyl.

Beautifully designed Vinyl Cover with Sleeve & Lyrics;
Includes Album Download Card, Signed Photograph Card & Sticker.
Limited Edition Vinyl expected delivery for Album Release on 19th June 2020 – $40.00

*Due to Coronavirus delivery may be in July. 

Travellin' - CD

Travellin’ – Debut Album CD – 

Beautifully designed CD Folder with Lyrics;
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Travellin' - iTunes

Travellin’ is available now, click the iTunes button to purchase the tracks and download them instantly.

Track List



Black To Blue – 3:48

Keep Quiet – 4:01

People Revolution – 3:25

The Way It Goes – 3:54

Fishin’ N Workin’2:56

Nimbin – 3:08

Burden Of The Fool – 3:15

The World Keeps Turning On Its Own –  2:57

Love’s Lost Woman – 3:57

Woronora River – 5:28

Love Finds A Way. – 3:04


The Busker 3:43

Common Ground 3:16

Old Man’s Shed 4:38

In A Heartbeat (Duet with Katie Brianna) 3:53

Jessie 5:24

Hopeless 3:36

Such Is Life 4:16

All The Same 3:28

Travellin’ Man 3:38

Six Shots Of Regret 3:12

Billy 3:00

Life Is Loving Me 4:09

My Last Goodbye 5:02

“In the words of Woody Guthrie “There ain’t nobody who can sing like me…!” The same goes for John Krsulja & his brand new album Burden of the Fool. Sincere & heartfelt – beautifully produced by Glen Hannah & Matt Fell – true Australian storytelling weaved with the inspirations of Dylan & Van Zandt.”

Luke O'Shea

Multi-Award winning Songwriter

“You can’t handle the TRUTH!”- Johnny ‘Jack’ Nicholson
“What is TRUTH?” – Johnny Cash
Another ‘Johnny’, John ‘K’ Krsulja, has a new record called ‘Burden Of The Fool’ that screams TRUTH!
Be warned that within these songs you’ll find things out about yourself, your neighbours and the world at large…truths that may be inconvenient or even uncomfortable to face, but then all the more necessary and rewarding.
So, if you want to know the honest truth about love, family, politics, country, natural highs and, in the words of Marvin Gaye ‘what’s goin’ on,’ look no further, the trail ends here……..this is the REAL STUFF!

Kevin Bennett

Multi-Award winning Songwriter

“John K’s honesty in his story telling proves this country roots album is worthy of success way beyond his Dag Sheep station and songwriting mecca.

His songs reach deep into his psyche and personal history and the travails and travels of his subjects magnified by salient social comment on relevant issues of the past and present.”

David Dawson

Nu Country TV and Country Music Capital News

“John ‘K’ Krsulja’s album, Burden Of The Fool, is a beautiful creation.

A passionately performed collection of powerful, poignant and insightful songs that grab your heart on a first listen and only tighten that grip with each successive playing.

This is one of the most astonishing collections of songs and singing you’ll hear from anyone this – or any other – year.” 

Stuart Coupe

Author, radio presenter and music commentator

John Krsulja’s second album “Burden of the Fool” casts his songwriting into deeper and darker depths than “Travellin’”, with insights that come from more detailed and maybe finally understood places.

He has cast his net into waters that question contemporary issues, love, life and music, with his co-writers fully immersed in his landscape.

There’s a new maturity in his vocals that draws listeners in and you find yourself coming back again and again, maybe late at night or in moments when you are reflecting on your own life.

The music took me back to late 1970s /early ’80s, and some of the angry young folk songwriters of the time, but it transcends time and place and immerses you in the ‘now’.     

Jon Wolfe

Country Music Journalist and Broadcaster

“This record is an insightful and hard-hitting truthful perception of life and emotion with a beautiful understanding of John Krsulja’s history, views and intense emotion amidst a heartwrenching tragedy.

Australia has a new storyteller.” 

Allison Forbes

Singer / Songwriter

”In a world where authenticity is in short supply and the music ‘biz’ awash with fakery on all sides, John Krsulja’s debut album Travellin’ arrives as a welcome blast of honesty and integrity…”

Michael Roberts (Mickey Blue Eyes)

Producer & Musician