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Track List

John’s Debut Album is packed with great tracks. See below for the full list!

Tracks Time
The Busker 3:43
Common Ground 3:16
Old Man’s Shed 4:38
In A Heartbeat (Duet with Katie Brianna) 3:53
Jessie 5:24
Hopeless 3:36
Such Is Life 4:16
All The Same 3:28
Travellin’ Man 3:38
Six Shots Of Regret 3:12
Billy 3:00
Life Is Loving Me 4:09
My Last Goodbye 5:02

In a world where authenticity is in short supply and the music ‘biz’ awash with fakery on all sides, John Krsulja’s debut album Travellin’ arrives as a welcome blast of honesty and integrity…

Michael Roberts (Mickey Blue Eyes)

Producer & Musician

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